Organic Chia


Mother India Farms takes pride in being the first Indian Company to grow, process and market Chia Seeds in the country. Mother India Farms has created a state of the art processing facility exclusively to clean and process Chia Seeds.

About chia

Chia seeds were a staple food of Mexican Civilizations to get stamina and endurance. They are a rich source of quality fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals, antioxidants with incredible healing powers. Chia seeds remarkably work to lessen hunger, cut cravings, and support joint and intestinal health, control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and supply cellular energy. Amazingly, Chia has six times more calcium than Milk, six times more iron than Spinach and double the antioxidants found in Blueberries.

Taste And Usage

Chia seeds are taste neutral and integrate into your meal, without altering the original flavor or taste.
Chia can be used as an ingredient in all cuisines. Simply mix a tablespoon of Chia to your Breakfast Cereals, Salads, Porridge, Smoothies, Juices, Yoghurt or incorporate into Soups, Breads, Pasta, Rice etc. While using with liquids, mix and wait for about 10 minutes. It’s normal for Chia seeds to swell into a gel like substance. Recommended usage: 15 gm /day
Please write to us on to get more information about prices and specificationRecommended usage: 15 gm /day