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Agriculture For Future Development

Mother India Farms was established in the year 2000 as an agricultural enterprise founded by the visionary Mr. Durairaj. With a dynamic entrepreneurial background spanning diverse business verticals, Mr. Durairaj harboured a profound aspiration to effect meaningful change within the realm of agriculture.

Initiating his journey by procuring 200 acres of farmland in 1997, he embarked on the cultivation of Alphonso Mangoes. Rooted in a steadfast belief in employing natural farming methodologies, he meticulously implemented organic agricultural practices, subsequently obtaining official certification from a distinguished accrediting body based in The Netherlands.

In a significant milestone, the company achieved its inaugural export consignment of Organic Mango Puree in 2005. This marked the inception of a trajectory characterized by continuous expansion and enlightenment derived from discerning the nuanced preferences of customers hailing from diverse global regions.
Presently, Mother India Farms stands as a preeminent purveyor of exceptional organic tropical fruit constituents, catering to esteemed enterprises worldwide.